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Award Ceremony in London

With and For Girls Award Winners 2019, Southbank Center, London

Girls Empowered by Travel-Nepal has been selected among 170 applicant organizations to receive an Award for the work we do to advance girls' rights and empowering the young rural-urban girls through meaningful travel. Our two members Sajana Bhadel, President and PaBitra MajhiSecretary, represented GET-Nepal in the Award Ceremony organized by With and for Girls Collective in London, UK. It was such a proud moment for the whole GET-Nepal team to be awarded and acknowledged in such an international platform. The team was involved in a week of celebration and discussion which follows: Collective Care and Wellbeing, Imagining our Feminist Future, Sisterhood and Solidarity, Networking, Donors meet up and Award Ceremony. The award winners presented the collective manifesto to the World.
Ms. Sajana Bhadel holding the National Flag of Nepal and Ms. Pabitra Majhi, holding the Award at Southbank Center, London
The WFG Award has really motivated the GET-Nepal team to move further, creating many Girl Travel Alliances supporting and uplifting each other as community leaders.
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Trave-Yeller 2020

Trave-Yeller: Redefining the Travel, March 8, 2020
Trave-Yeller is an annual fundraising event organized by GET-Nepal to mark International women's day. It is an initiative to bring together travel-lovers to engage in an interactive discussion on how to make travel a perfect tool for empowerment. Travel-Yeller 2020 has been successfully completed in March8, 2020 at NATHM with 97 number of participants to mark International women’s day 2020 with the theme “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Right.” 

1. To create space and a platform for girls to encourage their participation in meaningful travel.
2. To promote domestic tourism including the concept of meaningful travel.
3. To raise funds to support Hitaishi: Rural-Urban.

We had four different speakers who have been exploring the beautiful places of Nepal.
Ms. Purnima Shrestha, a photojournalist by profession and a mountaineer by passion, who has made history by becoming the first Nepali photojournalist to summit Mt. Everest in May of 2018 including Mt. Manaslu and Mt. Amadablam. She shared different challenges and obstacles during her expeditions. She concluded, “The mountains are my home, I will keep climbing the different mountains in Nepal. It made me realize that If you try nothing is possible. So, never give up".

Ms. Jyoti Sah, A Rural Hitaishi participant, Birgunj Nepal, shared her journey of being the part of Hitaishi. She is currently organizing different campaigns against Child Marriage in her own hometown with the support of local government bodies. Her story was really inspiring. She is inspiring other young girls to explore, learn and share. The Hitaishi project has entirely changed her life. She was a young girl yesterday but working as a community leader today

Mr. Sanjaya Bikram Singh Thakuri, a biomedical engineer and a travel-enthusiast who has traveled 72 districts of Nepal to date and is working in the National Innovation Centre of Nepal, was a Snow Yak fellow teacher in 2017. He shares his stories of Upper Dolpa (norther part of Nepal), a place with different Tibetan cultures. The Tibetan kids go to Monastery, they even don't know what is school. The Snow Yak Foundation has been doing a marvelous job, sending youth like Sanjaya to a village as a teacher, paving the path for a brighter future of these kids.

Ms. Samriddhi Rai, a full-time singer/songwriter, and a part-time blogger, her travel stories are captured in a series of travel vlogs. She shared what are the conditions for females to travel around Nepal. Likewise, she even shared the hurdles she faced during travel and how it empowered her. She concludes " Empowerment ultimately starts when you get out of the comfort zone."

We are so thankful for our supporters, amazing volunteers, and energetic audiences.
Travel and Tours Partners
Apex Himalaya Treks and Expeditions
Big Smile, Pokhara
Jungle World Resort, Chitwan

Gardening Partner

Venue Partner
Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ravi Bhawan.

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Travel talks-series 1

TRAVEL TALKS: "What's my role for Visit Nepal 2020 and beyond?"

Our youth Participants posing during Travel Talks:)

Travel with meaning:Travel Talks-Series I was successfully accomplished on January 17, 2020 with 17 of participants where we had Ms. Shanta Nepali : Film-maker and a Traveler as a youth forum in the discussion. The discourse mainly focused on the prevailing issues in Tourism Industry and the roles of we, as a citizen of Nepal for the prospectus of fulfilling the pinnacles in the riveting tourism were discussed.

The main aspiration of this talk was to meaningfully interact and celebrate "Visit Nepal 2020" as well as to acknowledge the different preparation statistics to welcome 2 million international visitants but remembering the three more essential factor; "What is Visit Nepal 2020?" a must understanding to promote the tourism province as a duty of each individual, "the problems" and  "our roles and responsibilities" during the Visit Nepal as a young future fabricating youths. The main highlight spot of this discussion was on "Why few women are involved in Tourism Trade of  Nepal?" Through discussion, we analysed looking at wide dimensional perspective about women during the travel related themes who usually  have fewer participation in these provinces. In a loophole, we can conclude the various rationale such as the physical, working structure of women in the scenario.

Travel Talks is an opportunistic platform to escort young girls in the area of Tourism industry and to conversant the knowledge with their essential presence in this sector.

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Hitaishi: Rural-Urban 2019 - Empowering Young Girls to Explore

Rural Hitaishi participants 2019
Leadership Bootcamp: Empowering Young Girls to Explore, one of the interactive programs of Hitaishi: Rural-Urban 2019 was successfully accomplished from the 19th  of Nov to 27th of  Nov 2019. The Rural Hitaishi participants were selected from Sarlahi, Rasuwa and on the basis of their passion to bring positive changes within themselves and the communities they travel to and they live in.

The Bootcamp was organized to enhance the leadership skills of young rural girls so they will be able to address the socio-economic issues in the long term. They will be playing a role model of community leaders. The Bootcamp program activities were focused on personal development, visit youth and women-led organization, explore the entrepreneurial ideas and action plans on the last day.

At the end of the workshop, the participants also designed action plans to implement back home. The action plans included campaigning against child marriage, campaigning for environmental cleanliness and educating illiterate adults in rural areas. The Rural Hitaishi participants will execute different programs within a year and create Get Travel Circles in their own communities and create the travel-related business in the long term.

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Service Learning and Hiking in a Himalayan region

We're currently seeking volunteer applications from enthusiastic and like-minded travelers who really want to experience and learn the authentic lifestyles As a volunteer you'll gain leadership experience, expand your worldview through cultural exchange, help Tamang entrepreneurs establish sustainable homestay businesses, share your knowledge and skills to local people and learn the diverse cultures.

Click for more information: What is Service Learning? How can you involve in the Service-Learning project?

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Join us for two weeks of cultural immersion and outdoorsy adventure in Nepal!

Mark your calendar
Oct 27 - Nov 10, 2019

The program truly will have three highlights!

 1) Festival of Lights (Tihar) - It's a 5-day long sacred Hindu festival, worshipping gods, humans and animals. We will be celebrating the festival with the real local families, following all the unique traditions: drawing mandalas, dressing up in sarees, Laxmi pooja, the blessing of the brothers, etc. We promise it will be unforgettable!

 2) Going to Gre, an ethnic Tamang village in the Himalayas, where Girls Empowered by Travel have been working hard for the past year, educating villagers how to open and run cultural homestays - so we need volunteers, who will join our program and as a part of it will go to this village and enjoy the opening of these homestays and will give their feedback, which we will later put into a further strategy for the village. We have 4-5 homestays right now that are ready to open their doors, so we urgently need volunteers to experience this magical moment:)

 3) Hike in the Himalayas in Langtang area (this would also provide practice possibility for our girls to co-lead the hikes, as they're training to be trekking guides). We are going to hike an indigenous trail of Tamang people - a trek that will make you work hard for splendid views of the Himalayas, taking you as high as 4,550 m (15,700 ft). It's not a popular touristic route. We will be staying at local people's houses, learning about their culture and communities first hand. So the program will support Girls Empowered by Travel, Gre village, homestay owners (most are women and of course families) and entire Gre community. Also any family at whose house we will stay in the Himalayas.

For more details of programs, click here

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Set Your Goal: Explore Opportunities

Youth Participants of Set Your Goals

SET YOUR GOAL: EXPLORE OPPORTUNITIES' is a 4-day training package for the students who has just appeared SEE, +2 and pursuing a bachelors degree in any faculty? The training is jointly initiated by Girls Empowered by Travel-Nepal (GET) and 2030 Youth Force Nepal. The training is conducted every Saturday from June 2019  at GET Office, Basantapur. Each batch starts their course on the first Saturday of the month and graduates on the last Saturday of the month. 

The training includes the following sessions:
1st week: Public Speaking (Interactive, Innovative fun activities)
2nd week: CV, Profile and Cover Letter for job applications and Financial Literacy
3rd Week: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Travel Guide (Day out session with a day out hiking)
4th week: Personal Goal Setting, Social Media Management, Platforms for National and International Opportunities and Graduation (certificate distribution.
Till the date we have reached to more than 100 of youths from a diverse educational background. Recently we organized the program for Agriculture students at Lamjung  Campus in coordination with Technical Students’ Association of Nepal (TSAN), Lamjung Campus. We are trying to reach more youths outside the valley. We believe that every youth is part of the pillar.

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