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Girls Empowered by Travel is a non-profit organization that provides safe opportunities for women to travel and gets involved in community work with like-minded youth in a welcoming and safe environment. GET strives to promote leadership among women and youth that will have a ripple effect on the reality of their families and their communities.


Hitaishi: Rural-Urban

“HITAISHI”, derived from the Nepali word meaning ‘best friend’ is a rural-urban intercultural exchange project which intends to develop skills and knowledge and empowers girls to develop their unique talents and abilities, through traveling in diverse community settings across Nepal.

Service Learning

We’re currently seeking volunteer applications from enthusiastic and like-minded travellers who really want to experience and learn

Sustainable Tourism Initiative

What comes in your mind when you first hear the word GRE? The image of grey colors hover over your mind?

200 Youth Girls

6 Homestays

9 Districts

Latest news

Stay up-to-date on GET’s work in various parts of the country

Hitaishi Exploration

Recently, Hitaishi Exploration to Madi, Chitwan was concluded from date April 14- April 21, 2021 where they  were  mainly focused on […]

May 3, 2021
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Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at Makawanpur

After a successful session of leadership training for the girls from GTC Makwanpur a few months back , GET successfully […]

May 3, 2021
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Girl Travel Circle

Our global movement to create the travel network around the world to support the sisterhood and to create the strong bond of sisterhood among women, who travel together, learn from it and each other, support and elevate each other, transform their communities and communities they travel to, using skills and knowledge they acquired while traveling; enhancing economic independence of women by educating them how to run travel-related businesses, with a focus on sustainable travel. More info: Email us at girlsebyt@gmail.com

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