Girls Empowered by Travel.
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What is GET all about

Girls Empowered by Travel is a network that attempts to create opportunities for women to travel and get involved in community work with like-minded women in a welcoming and safe environment for all. We are all about MEANINGFUL TRAVEL - travel with a mission.

Mostly we are talking about local travel and work - girls form their Girl Travel Circle, which consists of local girls and they execute projects that benefit their local communities. And they get to travel around, learn something, do something amazing, while having fun with their friends!

Local girls decide themselves what kind of projects they want to do. Some project examples: hiking trips, trips to orphanages, trips to remote communities (field study, delivering educational classes for girls in these remote and often marginalized communities, etc.).

We see that Girls Empowered by Travel can expand to many places all over the world. For now we have an active Girl Travel Circle in NEPAL.
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