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Changunarayan Hike by GET girls

GET girls on top of the hill of Changunarayan 

On June 17, 2017: The day was cool because  it was cloudy. This year the monsoon has started in time. Farmers are hopeful to get better crops comparatively to last year. GET girls gathered to hike in Changnarayan  which is a small village and 22 km far from Kathmandu valley. It is a homeland to lord Vishnu and an ancient Newar village.

We had a small conversation about the history of Changunarayan temple with Anish Bhatta, who is a local dweller of Changunarayan and has his Master in Culture. He gave a proper and clear description about Changunarayan and it’s history from myth and archaeological perspective, which was really interesting and insightful.
Local girls from Changunarayan village

After a small walk in Changunarayan premises, we headed to Dashmaya’s home. We played and danced with local children there. It was a great time spending with kids and children. Most of the young girls were busy in the field so we couldn’t meet them. We were planning to go to short hike near to Mahankaal Danda (30 minutes far) but it couldn’t happen because of rain. So we returned back from half of the way.

In the last minute, everyone was given to share their experiences and expectations. They shared about their beautiful moment. They expressed that it was their first experience to be close with local people and authentic views which will be always mesmerizing. We had a discussion on future project of GET.
Homestay Project from this September

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