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Creating the Future: First GET Nepal Board Meeting

On May 2, 2017 Girls Empowered by Travel Nepal had the first Board Meeting in Kathmandu. The meeting was fun and effective, and all the members were proactively involved. The general purpose of the meeting was introduction between the members, election/approval of the Board Members, discussion of future GET projects.

So what are the future projects ideas?

Rural and Urban Girl Cultural Exchange Program (Mitini project) -- A couple of energetic and skillful girls from various ethnic groups will be selected to observe the culture and life style of rural girls at her home. An urban girl will arrange different interactive activities based program like career counseling, menstrual hygiene education, English education etc during her stay.

Sustainable project -- A group of GET girls visit once a month/year in a marginalized/extinct community, address their problems, helps to raise their voices, organize the awareness campaign, empower the local girls and if it is possible, bring those local girls in city areas.

Educational camp in Sindupalchowk district where 5/6 GET members will join and assist during the camp.

Library project in rural areas where books are really needed.

#Hike4Nepal -- Organize the hike or event for fundraising programmes nearby Kathmandu valley.

GET (in cooperation with other NGO) will organize a Proposal development program in June for its members and other participants.

Girl Power Futsal Tournament in the end of June, 2017.

Sounds like a lot of great project ideas were born! Time to get to work!


Elected GET Nepal Board Members:

President- Sajana Bhadel

Vice President- Khil Bahadur Thapa

Treasurer- Saru Malekar

General Secretary- Alina Khadka

Secretary- Manisha Dhital

Executive member- Shaily Rana

Executive member- Sonisha Kadel

Executive member- Dashmaya Tamang

Executive member- Bimal Karki
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