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Mainstreaming Girls Sports in Nepal: Futsal Tournament

In Nepal, women's sports have not always been considered popular or mainstream. Generally, sports are assumed to be, just for boys. Often, women and girls, even when equally motivated and trained as their male counterparts, are compelled to give up sports and games, because of competing circumstances. For example, they get married and stop playing; or their parents are against their participation in sports activities.  

GIRL POWER Futsal Tournament aims to encourage and support the participation of young Nepali girls, in positive, character building sports programs, in order to revive and nourish girls' interest and skills. Futsal is a variation of soccer. There will be 10 all girls' teams participating in the tournament, with a total of 100 participants. The winning team will be awarded a one-day hiking trip, in the Sindhupalchowk area, which will also include an educational volunteering component, working directly with the girls and women of the community, teaching them about the positive benefits of sports and healthy lifestyle.

  • To create space and a platform for girls to encourage their participation in sports; 
  • To develop life skills, such as leadership and teamwork;  
  • To promote healthy lifestyle;  
  • Boost girls' self-confidence and belief in their talents. 
GIRL POWER Futsal Tournament is a one day event, but we are committed to making it an ongoing program. We plan to organize monthly meet-ups and futsal practices for girls, not only in the Kathmandu valley, but also in more remote villages, especially those affected by the 2015 earthquake. The program is scheduled for June, 2017 in Dhanyawontari Futsal, Hadigaun, Kathmandu. 
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