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Stationary Distribution in The Twin Otter Foundation

GET girls with kids from The Twin Otter Foundation
In June 7, 2017: GET girls are always active, they always look a head to do something new in an innovative way. This time, they happen to raise some money Rs 1000 with the help of their friends and teachers of colleges for library project in Himalayan areas but it wasn't enough so they came up with this idea to give stationary materials for the kids who really need it. It was a kind of challenge to manage everything with small amount. But they did it, they distribute the stationary materials to these four kids, who are picked up from the streets.(Slum kids) by The Twin Otter Foundation. 

Life was like in hell while there was no food and no where to live. No education, no family and no parental love but the twin otter foundation created the wonderful and family environment to these kids. Life has changed and days are different, they used to carry the bags of plastics but these days they carry bag with books. GET has planned to provide the sport materials in the future when it is possible.
GET Team wish for their better future :)

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