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Girl Power Futsal Tournament Was a Success

On July 1st, 2017 Girls Empowered by Travel Nepal organized a one day futsal tournament at Surya Futsal in Kathmandu. A total of 8 all girls teams, with players as young as 11 years old, participated the tournament. Both International and National players participated the game. It was an open tournament to create platform and bring girls in sports.   
In Nepal, women’s sports are the matter of concern of few people and organizations. It hasn’t been prioritized and not even in mainstream line. Nepal government has no such provisions to encourage the girls in the sports. Even though girls/women are trained as their male counterparts, there's no continuity. 
Girl Power Futsal Tournament was organized to encourage and support participation of Nepali girls in  sports and to revive young girls interests and skills in sports and games.
·       To create space and platform for girls and to encourage  their participation in sports
·       To develop the skills such as leadership and teamwork.
·       To promote the healthy lifestyle.
·       Boost girls ‘confidence and belief in their talents

The program was successfully accomplished. All the players were happy because the registration fee was only 1000 Nepali Rupias and also the lunch was provided:)  It was very exciting to see a 11 years old girl taking part as a striker, representing her Chhahari team. She was the youngest player in the event. There wasn’t any limitation of ages and citizens as it was an open tournament, so some players from Western countries were the participants as well. 
There were eight teams all together: 
1. Chhahari Club, 
2. Kumari Club, 
3. ABC Team, 
4. Goal Digger, 
5. Go Wonder, 
6. Real Madrid, 
7. DNDB Team 
8. Halchowk School. 

The program lasted for seven hours, and with over 11 matches held. Two referees were hired for the event.
The winner team was Kumari, this team excelled incredibly in the game. The prize for the winner from Girls Empowered by Travel Nepal is a traveling/hiking trip near to Kathmandu valley, during which they will teach football to girls from rural areas. Now most schools are on summer break, so the travel will be held next month. GET will do research on school and situation of those school girls of nearby rural areas.

This event was intentionally organized and sponsored. We would like to thank all our donors and supporters, especially Mark Goddrad, Stephanie Pettengell, Mary Shea, Katherine Liljegren, Andrew B, Emma Treharne, The James Harper Fund (UK based football club), Sheila Drinda and Jay Heinlein.  
Almost fifteen volunteers from GET members provided support during the event. Volunteers supported fully from team registration, water supply and energy drinks for players, medical care, photographer, MC and medal distribution, which were really appreciable. We had volunteer orientation and follow up before the event. They were informed about their roles and responsibilities of the program. 
The tournament was our first large-scale program but it was accomplished successfully. There were some challenges as well, which were life-learning opportunities in the future. One of the DNDB team player said, "It was my first experience to see many girls playing in the ground and was the most amazing experience and want to participate as well in the future, if such platform is provided"
GET is always passionate about helping girls from different communities in meaningful and fun ways.

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