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Orientation class in Menstruation and Family Planning

Date- 11-Nov-2017, Saturday- 10:00 am
Venue- Changunarayan, Tamang village, ward no-4

Girls Empowered by Travel-Nepal organized a one-day orientation class about Menstruation and Family planning for 18 women in Changunarayan in collaboration with Marie Stopes International, Nepal. The DG coordinator, Roni Shakya facilitated the awareness program The program started at 11:00 am and lasted till 2:00 pm. In the first hour, we discussed the family planning and the way of using it. It was assumed to have more than 30 participants but only 18 participants took part

70% of participants were under 25 years old; they have been using different family planning devices. The main objective of the program was to bring awareness about the family planning and its proper use. Among 18 women, it was found that one married girl was taking pills in a wrong way. She was just 18 years old but she lost her first kid because of miscarriage. The program helps them to be familiar with such problems and preventive measures. Women are the most vulnerable part of the society. They are mostly affected by different disasters and crises. In most of the rural areas, women only visit doctor when their situations get worse. Even the educated women ignore thinking as a minor problem but later it remains incurable and became the victims of cancer. These are the prominent cases in Nepal.

Marie Stopes International, Nepal has offered free check-up for these participants in their office and will also bear their transportation cost for November 28. Five participants have shown interest to visit the office for the uterus checkup.

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