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GET has joined Global Giving Accelerator and now we need your help!

Great news from Nepal!

Our amazing NAANI project has been approved for 2018's Accelerator Program by Global Giving. This is a great opportunity for us to fully fund this project and provide proper education for unprivileged children. 

Access our DONATION PAGE clicking here for more details. The donation period starts this Monday, September 10th.
You can donate any amount between $10 to 85,000 USD. Donations can be done once or monthly.

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More about NAANI

In Nepal, thousands of families migrate to Kathmandu in search of seasonal employment. Many end up in brick kilns - factories of bricks hand made from mud. Brick kilns are one of the most exploitative forms of child labor. In Feb-March 2017, 32,000 children were laboring at the kilns! At kilns there's no environment/ opportunities to study. Children skip 6 months of school, so most schools hesitate to accept them back as they return to their villages. Most kids drop out, resulting in the continuation of the cycle of poverty.


Project will cover the 6 months' of school that the kids are otherwise will be skipping while living and working at brick factories. We will bridge this 6 months gap, so that when kids return home, schools will accept them back. We will provide formal curriculum classes, as well as use non-formal education approaches, 'learning by doing' method, organize hands-on workshops, i.e. on health and hygiene, which is big issue in Nepal. We will set up classes at a factory near Kathmandu.

Thank you for your support!

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