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Being Featured in Glocal Khabar!!

We are very thankful to Glocal Khabar for featuring our travel story! One of our Hitaishi -3 participant Sristika Shrestha shared how this travel changed her perspective about the beauty of Terai. 
Please have a read!

Terai Confined as the Granary is Much More Than That!

“Now everybody writes an essay on-Our Country Nepal in 300 words. For this! I will give you 30 minutes.” Watching at his wrist, my social studies teacher gave us the class assignment. I was ready with my notebook and ink-pen and started to write that cliché line “Nepal is a beautiful country with high mountains and hills. Nepal is also known as Mountainous country and an even highest mountain of the earth, Mt. Everest lies here…” To make it to 300 words, I would add about how Nepal is culturally rich and use lots of prepositions.

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