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Meaningful Hike: SDGs and Travel Guide

We always jump in if it is to hike or to travel but it would be more fun if it is meaningful hike/travel.
Our participants from Set Your Goals did the 3-hrs hike from Telkot to Changunarayan on last Saturday. There were different sessions during the hike: Binita Karki, the co-founder of 2030 Youth Force Nepal, conducted the SDGs session where the youth were informed about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how youth can be involved/contribute to achieving these global goals by 2030.
Similarly, Bikram Karki, adventurer, and mountaineer, shared about safe traveling tips, the session was completely new to the participants, they were really excited to learn about safe traveling.
We had lunch at Champak Namuna Home, an only one traditional homestay in the entire Changunarayan village. We were welcomed by Dashmaya Tamang, owner of Champak Namuna Home. She shared about the socio-economic situation of her village. She is the breadwinner for entire family members.
At the end of the day, Sajana Bhadel, president at Girls Empowered by Travel-Nepal, gave some tips on how to travel affordably as a being student. Everyone loves traveling but it is more challenging to travel as a student but nothing is impossible.
To sum up, the hike was meaningful because we got to know about nature, knew about SDGs, knew about safe and budget travel and at the end we supported the homestay.
So, wasn't that meaningful hike?
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