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Participants receiving the certificate of Homestay Training

What comes in your mind when you first hear the word GRE? The image of grey colors hover over your mind? But it is the place for conflict management or to settle down the disputes in the Tibetan language.

While it is pronounced the word “Gre” normally the image of GRE color hover around the mind. But what if it is said that it is known as the place for the conflict management in the Tibetan language like when two people or different groups have to discuss or settle down the disputes.

We, seven in team members, reached in GRE after 7-hrs in the Jeep, then 3-hrs hiking. Which is 130 km from Kathmandu? We experienced the local cultures and lived the authentic lives of Tamang people in Gre village, Rasuwa district.  During our 9-days stay, we conducted a program to help prepare local entrepreneurs to build sustainable tourism business: includes waste management, safe cooking, personal hygiene,  The very first day started with a kickoff ceremony by playing the videos from our last visit to Gre. They were amazed to see their own dance performance on the screen they were so excited to see themselves, and laughed and joked when each new face appeared!
The program followed with trash collection game. Similarly, each day it was full of fun and participants learn new things every day from safe cooking, clean water to English class.

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