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Join us for two weeks of cultural immersion and outdoorsy adventure in Nepal!

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Oct 27 - Nov 10, 2019

The program truly will have three highlights!

 1) Festival of Lights (Tihar) - It's a 5-day long sacred Hindu festival, worshipping gods, humans and animals. We will be celebrating the festival with the real local families, following all the unique traditions: drawing mandalas, dressing up in sarees, Laxmi pooja, the blessing of the brothers, etc. We promise it will be unforgettable!

 2) Going to Gre, an ethnic Tamang village in the Himalayas, where Girls Empowered by Travel have been working hard for the past year, educating villagers how to open and run cultural homestays - so we need volunteers, who will join our program and as a part of it will go to this village and enjoy the opening of these homestays and will give their feedback, which we will later put into a further strategy for the village. We have 4-5 homestays right now that are ready to open their doors, so we urgently need volunteers to experience this magical moment:)

 3) Hike in the Himalayas in Langtang area (this would also provide practice possibility for our girls to co-lead the hikes, as they're training to be trekking guides). We are going to hike an indigenous trail of Tamang people - a trek that will make you work hard for splendid views of the Himalayas, taking you as high as 4,550 m (15,700 ft). It's not a popular touristic route. We will be staying at local people's houses, learning about their culture and communities first hand. So the program will support Girls Empowered by Travel, Gre village, homestay owners (most are women and of course families) and entire Gre community. Also any family at whose house we will stay in the Himalayas.

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