Hitaishi: Rural-Urban Cultural Exchange Project
Hitaishi is one of the leading projects of GET-Nepal (a good friendship in Nepali) which develops skills and
knowledge, and empowers girls to develop their unique talents and abilities, through traveling in diverse
community settings. The objective of ‘Project Hitaishi’ is to establish an enabling platform for young Nepali
women and girls, where the cultural and social lifestyle of urban and rural communities are shared and
exchanged.Three meaningful rural-urban and urban-rural visits have already been organised. We are on
our 4th edition empowering six rural young girls from five different districts. Six young rural Hitaishi
Participants were involved in a week long leadership boot-camp and they are implementing their projects on
their own communities. Where two of them are running the Adult Literacy Campaign in two different
communities including 25 women in each group. Campaign against child marriage is on going in whole
school approach mostly focusing on adolescent girls.

Along with Hitaishi we are also trying to create young female entrepreneurs by giving them
entrepreneurship skills mostly on travel related business. especially to make female financially
independent.Our goal is to educate and support Nepali women and their communities to run homestays.
Two years ago we helped establish a Homestay Champak Namuna Home in a village of Changunarayan in
Nepal. Now it is run by a young woman Dashmaya Tamang, her mother and grandmother.This year we
started a bigger project: helping establish multiple homestays in a Tamang village of Gre in Rasuwa district.
Moreover, we are creating the travel talk series to bring more young girls to talk about travel and its impact
to its communities.




Rural Hitaishi participants 2019 Leadership Bootcamp: Empowering Young Girls to Explore, one of the interactive programs of Hitaishi